22 North Photography -- Landscape, Nature, and Lighthouse Prints and Stock Photography from Northern Michigan, Chicago, and beyond
Fall on Bass Lake in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Fine art landscape, nature, lighthouse, and architectural photography from Michigan, Chicago, national parks, and other great places framed, matted, and shipped to your door.  

About 22 North Photography

22 North Photography sells landscape and architectural prints from around the country, with a special emphasis on Northern Michigan.  22 North Photography is also available for hire for landscape, commercial, architectural, real estate, and other photographic services. Click here to explore the services offered.

The Latest . . . 

1/20/2015 -- Had a beautiful day the other day in LeClaire, Iowa photographing the bald eagles.  The sun was shining, temps were in the high 30s, and there were just enough bald eagles to make it a great day!  Check it out here.

1/3/2015 -- Drove to the Mississippi River along the Iowa-Illinois border and photographed bald eagles all day.  Hundreds of eagles spend the winter around the river's locks and dams.  What a sight!  Check out some of the images here.

11/30/14 -- I spent a few hours walking around downtown Detroit with camera in hand.  The results (60 new images) are here.

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