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About The Lighthouse Galleries

Lighthouses are some of the best landscape photography subjects of all.  Each has a unique history and architecture and most sit along beautiful shorelines.  At night they shine bright to guide mariners to safe harbor, making for some stunning night and long exposure photography. These galleries features images of more then fifty lighthouses around the country, with a special emphasis on Michigan.

All images in these galleries are available as prints (with all kinds of finishing, framing, and matting options), or as digital downloads (with personal and commercial licenses available).  Just select a gallery, explore the images in the gallery, and look for the green "Buy" button to explore your options.

We Offer . . .

- Prints

- Framed Prints

- Framed & Matted Prints

- Metal Prints

- Acrylic Prints

- Floating Prints

- Lots of Sizes

- Lots of Papers

- Commercial License Digital Downloads

- Personal License Digital Downloads

- All from high resolution images taken with the finest photographic equipment

Just find and image you like and click "Buy" to explore your options.

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