D.H. Day Farm Favorites - 10.26.15

Along M-109 just north of the entrance to Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive and just short of the historic logging town of Glen Haven sits one of Michigan's finest architectural masterpieces, DH Day Farm. 

Built in the late 1880s, the farm was owned by one of the region's most important historical figures, David H. Day.  Mr. Day came to Michigan by steamship from New York in the mid-1800s and quickly amassed a fortune in the logging industry.  Unlike the area's other loggers who clear cut the land and left the state, Mr. Day diversified his interests, which included transportation, tourism, real estate development, and, as you might have guessed, farming.  Mr. Day operated 400 acres from the barn, including cherry trees, apple trees, and livestock.

Today the barn is kept in immaculate condition and stands as one of the most unique agricultural structures in the world.  It draws photographers in like a magnet.  Not only is it a spectacular building, but it is easily accessible from all sides and sits surrounded by one of the most beautiful places on earth, Sleeping Bear Dunes.

I have been lucky enough to photograph the barn at all times of the year, different times of the day, and different weather conditions.  Just when I think I've taken all I can, the barn draws me back for more.  Here are a few of my favorites through the years.

From the barn's north side, clouds roll in over Lake Michigan on this cool spring day

D.H. Day Farm

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive gives visitors a view of the farm from two miles away and hundreds of feet above

DH Day Farm from Overlook

The July sky provides a deep blue light 45 minutes after sunset

D.H. Day Dusk

Fifteen windows along the barn's west wall give perspective to the size of the barns and its silos

D.H. Day Farm

The view from the hill west of the barn shows the edge of the dunes in the background on this late August morning

D.H. Day Farm Panorama in Early Fall

From the edge of M-109, morning clouds race past on this September morning

D.H. Day Farm

Goldenrod blooms in the fields in mid-September

D.H. Day Farm

On the second weekend of October, the surrounding forest was blazing with color, and the clouds parted just enough to light them up

Fall at D.H. Day Farm

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